ERA Donahoe Realty Testimonials

We have been so happy with Grattan as our realtor.

He is very professional, courteous and knowledgeable. I would highly recommend him to anyone looking for a realtor. He answers phone calls and email promptly and he goes above and beyond to get the job done. He sold our home, helped us attain a rental house for a few months until we found a new home, then helped us purchase our new home. I truly cannot say enough about Grattan. I particularly appreciate his honesty and integrity.

Tabitha Lawler

Grattan was able to help us both sell our home and buy another home.

We looked at many homes and Grattan was always helpful with insights and answering any questions we would have. We eventually got a house that was better than what we had hoped. I would definitely recommend Grattan and do business with him again in the future.

Dan Grilley

Grattan is very personable and easy going but also very professional and gets the job done.

We will absolutely use Grattan as our agent in the future.


Grattan is a very honest and knowledgeable agent.

I've invested multiple homes through him and have been successful. He understands my goal and level of risk. When the market starts to pick up again, I will continue to use him as part of my investment portfolio.

Boyd Suemnick

I've worked with Grattan on twelve separate transactions over the past couple years.

He's a real professional. He's knowledgeable, responsive, personable and accessible. And he has the highest moral character of any broker I've worked with in my twenty five years in the real estate business. I recommend Grattan and his team highly. Whatever the challenge, Grattan and his team have risen to overcome it.

Sam Holty

Lucky #7!

We went through 6 other agents before finding him. We're so unbelievably thankful. After searching for almost 4 yrs., we finally found our home. From day one, we could tell he was no nonsense, up front, and professional. His paperwork was clean. He didn't give us any grief about seeing properties we wanted to see. His response time saved us time and money. He went the extra mile on every count. He kept us informed and answered all of our questions. He's trustworthy, unlike so many we have run into. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend him to anyone with real estate needs.

Kristin Holt

You know you spend a lot of time looking for a home when your 11 month old baby takes his first steps in your realtor's office!

You can say we had time to get to know Grattan well. Other than purchasing the home of our dreams, being introduced to Mr. Grattan Donahoe was the best thing about our home buying process. We lived in San Diego and wanted to purchase a home about 60 miles north. Even with Grattan's extremely busy schedule, he always found a way to accommodate us and we never felt neglected. After meeting us, Grattan remembered our home expectations exactly and went a step further to help us look for our dream home. Our home search took about 5 months and during that time, we became discouraged and felt hopeless. Grattan shared his expert knowledge about the market and knew exactly what to say every time. We never felt intimidated like we have in the past with other agents. No question was a dumb question, and Grattan was happy to answer them all. The home we ended up purchasing wasn't even on our list of preferred homes. We viewed that particular home online and decided we didn't like it; however, Grattan knew us too well and took us to view it anyhow. WE FELL IN LOVE! The escrow period became an nightmare for us due to some miscommunication from our lender. We were on the verge of tears (well, the wife was) during the roller coaster ride and even felt that we would lose this home. During this painful process, Grattan was the only person who could give us a straight answer. In the end, we own a beautiful home with perfect timing for a new addition to our family. We trust Grattan's judgment completely and are looking forward to recommending him to our friends. Grattan was very professional yet, inviting and friendly. He was always looking out for our best interest and never rushed us into buying a home. We always felt like he cared more for our happiness with the perfect home rather than making a sale. We love Grattan!

The Mikkelson Family

Grattan is amazing to work with.

He always gave advice on what we should offer to be competitive. He was very fast at getting our offers submitted. He always called us back as soon as he could. He was willing to meet us on the weekends. My favorite thing is he is honest. He isn't just out for the sale. There was a few times we were looking at houses but we didn't know the area that well and he told us he wouldn't want to raise a family in that neighborhood. I think that speaks a lot of Grattan. Also he was never pushy towards us at all and that was another thing we loved about Grattan.

Marnie Hammond

Grattan Donahoe was extremely efficient and professional when he helped me buy and sell my home.

Grattan has an incredible knowledge of the real estate market and stays ahead of the trends. Grattan made every aspect of the process very simple. He helped guide me through purchase, rehab, and sale of the home. He understood every step inside and out. I never had to track Grattan down or wait for answers. He was great at communicating what was happening every step of the way. I would highly recommend Grattan to anyone and look forward to working with him in the future.

Matt Jones

I've bought many houses at this point from Grattan!

! Grattan's extensive knowledge of Temecula, Murrieta, Menifee, Lake Elsinore (lets say Southern Riverside County) has you covered. Grattan is a well seasoned broker. Grattan protects my best interests 100% of the time and never puts me in bad positions or gets pushy. Every transaction I've made with Grattan has been flawless and stress free. Other agents claim they're pros but Grattan's negotiation skills are top notch! If you're looking for an agent/broker, Grattan is your guy! Thanks Grattan for all the Great Deals!

Danny Campagna

Grattan was an excellent agent to work with.

Very professional, timely and most important he listened to our needs. We believe his knowledge and experience was a huge asset in helping us find the perfect home for our family. Would highly recommend him as an agent to all of our family and friends.

Kathryn Oliveiro

Grattan was amazing to work with.

We had a very specific home in mind when we began our search which meant it was a few months before we found "the one". We never felt rushed or pressured to settle. Once we did find our dream home, it was a short sale with two mortgages. The sellers' banks dragged out the process but we were so glad to have an agent that was able to really navigate the process and keep our hopes up. In total, our search and purchase lasted a full year but we have been in our home for nine months and couldn't be more pleased (bonus - it appraised for 120% of our purchase price!). Oh - and my wife and I found out we were pregnant a few months into the search. Grattan understood our desire to get somewhat settled before the baby (our first) arrived. Sure enough, we closed almost a full four days before my wife went into labor. Ha! We have already sent multiple friends and family members to work with Grattan. We fired our first agent (he was a total dud) which only made us appreciate Grattan that much more when we worked with him.

Brad Wilson

Today was a special day in our lives.

We purchased a home in Temecula, California as a part of our retirement dream. Our family has moved many times during our career and our experience with Grattan Donahoe was clearly the benchmark of our many relocations. From our first introduction we were impressed by Grattan's professionalism and personal connection with our family. Grattan was a part of helping us fulfill our dream and provided valuable insight and assistance with our vision of returning to California. Grattan demonstrates high ethical values and is an individual that we trusted with helping us find the perfect home for our retirement. His knowledge of the area and the real estate market are unsurpassed. Grattan has helped make this a wonderful experience and we would highly recommend him to our family and friends. Thanks to Grattan and his team for helping us turn our dream into a reality.

Dave Sprissler

I do business with quite a few different personalities in real estate and Grattan is one that I would highly recommend due to his professionalism, honesty and knowledge of the real estate industry.

The environment of real estate can change quick these days and Grattan's experience puts his ideas ahead of the curve.

Justin Suemnick

We were very picky on the house we wanted to buy to accommodate our family and lifestyle with our toys.

Grattan was patient and extremely knowledgeable about the area and the market. He took us to houses that matched our expectations and gave us great advice on how to bid and to make reasonable offers. It was this expertise that led to our home purchase in this competitive market. There is no question without his prompt responses and expertise in the area we wouldn't have our home. We are so grateful and highly recommend Grattan as professional, knowledgeable as well as patient with our needs.

Matt Warren

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